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Your Partner in Precision Electronics

Our focus is collaboration and delivering ROI in every phase of the design process, manufacturing process, and supply chain support.  Agile enough to deliver solutions in as little as 4 weeks, our business model has been constructed to be an extension of your team to make sourcing Printed Circuit Boards (PCB’s) and Electronic Controllers easy for our customers.

Delivering Success Since 1973

Poly Electronics has 43 years of successful history of engineering and assembling custom electronics ranging from a printed circuit board to a turn-key assembly. We continuously exceed customer expectations by providing both well-designed and functional electronics on time and on budget. We have engineered over 3,500 different custom electrical products throughout our history.

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A Legacy of Global Partnership

Many of Poly Electronics’ current customers have been with the company for 20+ years. Poly Electronics understands the environment in which its products will be operated and has specifically designed them to meet industry standards.

Regionally Respected - Globally Renowned

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Bring your product to life!