BOM Risk assessment score

Giving you Data to Protect your Business

Utilizing world-class software, we give you the information needed to help you make better decisions.  By grading your Bill of Materials (BOM), we can help you avoid disruptions, react faster to global climate changes, and design with lower-risk components.

+ Mangage the Risk of Obsolescence

+ Forecast Supply Chain Disruptions

+ Avoid Costly Redesigns

Review Your Scorecard

Our electronics experts will review your scorecard with you so that you fully understand the power of this information. Our experts can even help you learn how to leverage the data to futureproof your design and plan.

BOM Monitoring Over Time

If you work with us to manufacture your project, we will monitor your BOM weekly to reveal any vulnerabilities. Based on our findings, we will proactively bring solutions to your attention.

 Poly Electronics is uniquely positioned to support businesses of all sizes. We offer advanced risk mitigation solutions that allow you to protect your production lines and build a culture of resilience.

Get a Complimentary, No Obligation, Bill of Material Risk Assessment!