Woman ordering parts for PCB Assembly

Experienced Buyers

Our purchasing agents in our sourcing department have over 40 years of industry experience combined to support our customers. Having experts in the field who are passionate about electronics and monitor the pulse of the tech industry allows us to gain and leverage our knowledge to negotiate the best pricing possible.

Qualified and Vetted Partners

Expand the possibilities in design with a global network of over 250 suppliers. We vet our suppliers and continually audit them for performance, ethics, quality of product, and delivery.

Map of globe imposed over circuitry
Finger with small components in descending size

ROI Focused

When possible, we design with common core products, allowing us to purchase and stock high-volume components. We source our products both internationally and domestically directly from the source, allowing us to provide a higher ROI for our customers.

Complimentary BOM Risk Assessment

Poly Electronics will conduct a comprehensive scan of your existing Bill of Materials at no cost. This service is designed to identify potential supply chain risks or components nearing end-of-life, ultimately saving your company valuable resources.

By anticipating these changes with up-to-date information, our customers stay ahead. They can plan for delays, obsolescence, and global market shifts to make smarter decisions and avoid unplanned redesigns.

BOM Risk Assessment Gage

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