Man testing PCB board for electrical output

Failure is a Success

In the developmental stage, we push the board to the extremes to determine where failures occur. Determining vulnerabilities in operation and physical strength helps us learn how to futureproof the design to deliver products that withstand the test of time.

Should any failures occur due to the stresses put on the product, we see this as a success and take the proper steps to rework the board before the process begins again.

Staying Current

Power testing and over-cycling products at the extreme range of operation reveal a great deal about the longevity of the finished product. Poly Electronics ensures your boards will deliver expected operation when electrical conditions are well within the specified range to determine the expected lifespan of the component.

Power sources’ reliability is not always the best, and the environment of operation is not always known. Therefore, we test for over/under voltage, electric output under stress, magnetic interference, and noise interference to determine what concerns are present.


Man testing function of device
Image of commercial oven used to test for operation in hot environments

Environmental Testing

Beyond basic functionality testing, Poly Electronics investigates the conditions under which the product will operate. Operation is simulated at High (120º) and Low (-40º) temperatures, high humidity, shock, vibration, and other physical testing the product may be subjected to over time.