Open boxes on conveyor belt with product awaiting shippment

On Target - 99% On-time Delivery

On-time delivery of quality products is often cited as the most critical driver of supplier performance.  With a 99% on-time delivery rate, we deliver dependable inventory management and supply chain optimization. We are ready to show you how on-time delivery can help you make more money.

Less Inventory = More Cash

Inventory absorbs a large amount of cash and costs a great deal to maintain. A more efficient supply chain will minimize your inventory investment. With our stocking-level program, Poly Electronics will partner with you to remove inventory from your balance sheet and inventory-related expenses from your income statement.

Tall racks with product in boxes on pallets stacked high
Woman confirming shipping addresses on computer in front of conveyor

Simplify Your Logistics

From start to finish, we handle the scheduling and processing to ensure on-time shipping. Our shipping department can handle large throughput to ensure your products arrive at your dock when you need them.

Have your carrier or truck picking up? That’s great! We can work with you regardless of your preferred carrier, pickup, or delivery speed.


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