Attention to Accuracy & Efficiency

SMT components are smaller and lighter, allowing for higher component density on circuit boards and enabling miniaturization in electronic devices. This technology offers improved electrical performance with shorter signal paths and reduced parasitic capacitance, making it ideal for high-frequency applications. SMT assembly processes are highly automated, leading to increased efficiency, lower labor costs, and faster production times. Additionally, SMT components offer enhanced thermal performance, design flexibility, and reliability, making them the preferred choice for modern electronics manufacturing.

Surface Mount Technology being Assembled onto PCB Board

The Right Tools for the Job

Image of Europlacer EP710

Screen Printing

Europlacer EP710

High flexibility screen printer utilizes the most advanced drive control technology available, including 1 micron resolution linear encoders on all axes. A suite of intuitive software enables total control of the printing process.

The printers are fully equipped with many features such as automatic rail width adjust, auto stencil loading, a fully programmable Under Stencil Cleaner and automatic stencil paste inspection.

PCB transport system includes a fully programmable board stop and employs pneumatically controlled foil PCB clamping.

The system is SMEMA compatible to ease integration with fully automated SMT production lines.

SMT placer SM485

SMT Pick and Place

Hanwha SM485 & SM481 Plus

With a combined line output of placing 64,000 components per hour (40k on SM481 plus, 24k on SM485), our Hanwha team of a state-of-the-art pick-and-place machines is purpose-built for the surface mount technology (SMT) assembly of printed circuit boards (PCBs).

This high-performance chip shooter boasts a combination of speed and precision, allowing for the efficient handling of a substantial number of components within tight timeframes, all while ensuring accurate placement—a crucial aspect in meeting the demands of contemporary electronics manufacturing. Its multi-functionality shines through as it adeptly places a diverse array of components, including various chip sizes, resistors, capacitors, and integrated circuits.

The inclusion of a sophisticated vision system further enhances its capabilities, ensuring precise component alignment, particularly valuable for handling components with varied orientations or for intricate placements on fine-pitch PCBs. Offering flexibility, the SM481 adapts seamlessly to different PCB sizes and types, featuring adjustable feeder capacities and supporting various feeder types to handle a range of component packaging. 

Reflow Oven photo

Reflow Oven - 8 Zone

Manncorp CR8000

A combination of 8 independently controlled full-convection heating zones (16), 2 cooling zones, and low-velocity, low turbulence air flow allows the CR8000 reflow oven to provide you with thermal accuracy of ±1°C and a ΔT of ±2°C across PCB assemblies to 22″ (570 mm) wide. This high-performance model takes up less floorspace than comparable alternatives on the market and offers a throughput that can keep pace with even high-volume production requirements.