Woman installs PCB Board in Box

What is a "Box Build" Solution?

A Box Build Assembly is the process of combining all components and sub-assemblies to create a completed product ready to install, integrate, and operate.

Custom or off-the-shelf cabinet housings are combined and assembled with display & integration, PCB assemblies, and wiring and harnesses designed to your exact requirements to deliver resilient, long-lasting functionality, no matter the environment.


Value Driven Impact

Choose one source that offers all the services needed to complete your solution under one roof to increase the ROI and deliver huge potential benefits to your business.

Outsourcing all aspects to Poly Electronics eliminates the frustrations and delays associated with managing multiple suppliers and sources and simplifies the BOM management of critical components for your project.

In addition to easier management, consolidating allows us to be more agile and responsive to your delivery needs by controlling the production process and managing, sourcing, and analyzing risks to your supply chain of all components.


Dilelectric Box Build with LED Display
Line of completed box builds ready to ship

Depend on the Experts

Box Build Assembly combines Poly Electronics’s services to deliver a fully functional, long-lasting, ready-to-integrate product.

Our engineers have been creating complete solutions for many years. They consider your design’s overarching goals and functionality while selecting components that match your requirements, production goals, and cost targets.