Engineering Department discussing project with customer

An Extension of Your Design Team.

The Poly Electronics Design & Engineering team is at your service to assist, test, build and speed along your project.   Regardless if its a hurdle you need help jumping, getting past a looming deadline, or need a complete overhaul and rebuild to come into compliance; we are here to help design your success.

$85/hour if we build your project.

One Stop Destination for Electronics

Poly Electronics takes a holistic approach to servicing our customers. Over 50 years of developing solutions have given us a unique opportunity to identify gaps in the market and fill them with a complete process, from concept to delivered solution.

Working with a team based in the Midwest rather than overseas eliminates delays and confusion in communication. We are here to serve and provide updates on your project from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST Monday through Friday.

Graphic showing all aspects of PCB services offered by Poly Electronics
Engineering Department discussing project with customer

Collaborative Design Philosophy

Having the right engineering group as your partner is a highly effective way to build intelligence, capability, and uniqueness into anything you can imagine.  Our experience allows us to breathe innovation into your existing design or objective. We can serve as an outside design consultancy or simply an extension of your in-house engineering team. We are here to ease the frustrations associated with difficulties in the design of electronics.

Design for Manufacturing (DFM)

With a team experienced in both the Design and Manufacturing processes, we are able to identify problems and potential cost savings in production long before a prototype is made. Many of our engineers follow the job from concept to completion and are well-versed in the equipment, tools, and sources of components used to create your end product, giving you a vested partner in your project right where it’s assembled.

Man reviewing PCB board components after SMT placement
Photo of PCB board in rack

Future Proof Your Design

At $85 an hour, we offer the same engineering services that other design firms offer at a fraction of the cost, earning your manufacturing business.

Supply, price, compliance, and obsolescence are all factors when”future-proofing” your product.  We use global enterprise software to gauge our Bill of Material Risk and protect your solution from the unforeseen.

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