Screen Showing results of AOI Scan


KOHYOUNG In-line 3D AOI Inspection.

+ Incomparable True 3D Inspection Performance

+ IPC-based Solder Joint Inspection

+ AI-Powered Auto Programming (KAP)

+ KSMART Solutions: True 3D
Measurement-based Process Control System

+ Zero-defect through AI-Powered
Koh Young Process Optimizer (KPO) Mounter

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Fast, Accurate Verification of Placement

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) is the standard for ensuring accurate component placement by SMT pick-and-place machinery. All assemblies and components are programmed according to a Bill of Material, Manufacturer part numbers, and gerber data.


Man reviewing results of AOI Inspection
Screen Showing results of AOI Scan

Optical Detection of Post-reflow Issues

Using High-Tech cameras to capture images of the post-reflowed assembly, we are able to detect correct manufacturer part markings, polarity, and solderability of each solder joint, as well as component side and end overhang and solder bridges.

The Right Tools for the Job

image of AOI equipment on white backdrop

Automated Optical Inspection

Mirtec MV-3

15MP / 18MP Camera System. Harnessing cutting-edge 12 Projection Blue DLP Technology, our system delivers leading-edge performance in component marking, polarity verification and solderability checking.

The 10MP/18MP Side-viewer camera system incorporates a Precision Compound Telecentric Camera Lens ensures meticulous image capture with an Eight Phase Color Lighting System.

Programmable Z-Axis Multi-Focus System for versatile imaging capabilities. The INTELLI-PRO® Automatic Programming Software streamlines processes, enhancing efficiency.