Capabilities for Cost Effective, Precision PCB Production

Surface Mount Assembly

SMT Component PCB Assembly

AOI Optical Inspection

Automated Optical Inspection

Through Hole Assembly

THT Rock Solid Circuitry

Selective Solder Technology

Precision Soldering for Sensitive Components

Wave Solder for THT Assembly

Cost Effective Mass Soldering

Component reels feeding into SMT machine

Electronic Printed Circuit Boards

An Electronic Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is a crucial component in electronic devices, serving as a platform for interconnecting various electronic components.  These components are assembled using the Surface Mount Technology (SMT) method, the Through Hole Technology (THT) method, or a hybrid, delivering the best of both worlds.

+ Surface Mount Technology

+ Through Hole Technology

+ SMT/THT Hybrid Assembly

+ Selective & Wave Soldering

Electronic Modules - Potting/Wire Harness

Potting, a crucial process in electronics manufacturing, shields electronic components from environmental factors. It does so by employing enclosures and liquid resin, which provide robust protection against moisture, dust, chemicals, thermal and electrical insulation, and physical impact. 

Wire harness used with potting makes for easy installation, wire organization, standardization, and identification.

+ Potting Enclosures

+ Cable Harnessing & Wire Stripping 

+ Conformal Coating & Finishing

Woman using syringe to place epoxy around components
Various display types mounted on PCB Boards

Digital Display & Instrumentation

Visual elements add greater interactivity and monitoring resulting in easier use and function of controls and products. LED, LCD, and OLEDs are employed to give both color coded and alphanumeric displays.

Instruments are equipped with sensors or transducers to convert physical quantities into electrical signals, which are then processed and displayed.

+ Data Display & Signal Processing

+ Control Systems and Sensors

+Applications for Pressure, Temperature, Flow & Spectrum

Box Build with Electronic & Electrical Content

Shield electronic components, devices, or systems from environmental factors, physical damage, and electromagnetic interference. These enclosures serve multiple purposes, including ensuring the safety and reliability of the electronics within and providing a means for easy access, maintenance, and integration into larger systems.

+ Custom Sizing and Material

+ Protect Against Environmental Factors

+ Displays, Seals, Access and Ventilation

PCB Assemblies on conveyor awaiting finishing

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