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ISO 9001:2015 Quality at Every Circuit.

When choosing an electronics supplier, we know that purchasing experts expect on-time delivery of quality products.  We have developed our business model around this expectation.

We strive to continuously improve all facets of our business by investing in cutting-edge equipment and developing processes that allow direct measurement of effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

Consistent Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction is a priority for Poly Electronics.  We employ state-of-the-art flying probe testing equipment to give us the highest success piece rate we can deliver.  We deliver a 99.97% functionality rate for all delivered items.

Flying Probe test being performed on PDB board
ISO logo - International Organization for Standardization

Investing in Quality Assurance

We invest our success into our business to improve speed, capabilities, and quality. 

The addition of our Flying Probe ICT verification is now complemented with 3D AOI in-line verification equipment by KOHYOUNG.