99.5% Verified Product Operation

Our flying probe tester (FPT) offers efficient and cost-effective testing without expensive bench fixtures or bed-of-nails. Its testing flexibilities accommodate various board designs, reducing development and production time. With precise fault detection capabilities, it ensures high-quality production and faster time to market. FPT’s noninvasive nature minimizes the risk of damage to delicate components, making it an indispensable tool in electronic manufacturing.

PCB Board being tested on Flying Probe Equipment

Beyond ICT Capabilities

Our flying probe machine goes far beyond automated in-circuit testing.

Other autonomous capabilities are…

+ Testing digital readouts such as segment displays

+ Perform optical tests on LED and IR devices

+ Scan QR/Barcodes for identifying board variants and testing 

+ Ability to flash/program microcontrollers of various brands upon successful testing of the DUT*

+ Laser scanning of component height and checks for board warpage

+ Offers coverage reports to view extended details of testing

*Note: A 1×5 programming pins/pads with 0.1” spacing is required

The Right Tools for the Job

Image of Acculogic Scorpion Flying Probe Equipment

Flying Probe Testing

Acculogic Flying Scorpion 980xi

The innovative system boasts unmatched test point contact facilitated by a Programmable Probe Angle. It offers omnidirectional coverage on the horizontal plane and -6° to +6° adjustability on the vertical plane. This flexibility becomes crucial, particularly with taller components that can obstruct probe paths.

The Acculogic Flying Scorpion 980xi is designed for precision and safety. Coupled with Programmable X, Y & Z axis capabilities allowing probing up to 42 mm for flyover and 85 mm for fly-around, along with adjustable probe speed and “No-Fly Zones”, the system ensures precise testing while safeguarding against potential damage. Utilizing field-oriented control (FOC), mathematical algorithms dynamically optimize probe movement, considering PCB layout and component height.

With double-sided probing, an extensive test area of up to 642×1200 mm, and automatic board handling for seamless production line integration, this system promises faster test times and enhanced coverage, even for complex PCBs with tall components.