Ready to Shake, Rattle & Roll

Through-hole technology (THT) assembly offers distinct advantages, particularly in environments where mechanical strength, high power handling, and ease of manual assembly or repair are crucial.

THT components provide robust mechanical support, making them resilient against mechanical stress and vibration, ideal for automotive and industrial electronics applications. Additionally, their larger size and accessible leads facilitate manual assembly, repair, and testing, making THT assemblies suitable for prototyping, low-volume production, and testing phases.

While Surface Mount Technology (SMT) has gained prominence for its compactness and automation, THT assembly remains relevant for its suitability in specific applications and scenarios.

THT machine with board ready to accept components

The Right Tools for the Job

Universal RAD 5 machine<br />

Pick and Place

Universal Instruments RAD 5 Radial Insertion

The THT Universal Instruments Radial 5 boasts an impressive throughput of 33,000 components per hour (CPH), ensuring efficient and rapid assembly processes. With a commitment to sustainability, it achieves zero scrap by eliminating any waste associated with leads.

Setting a benchmark for reliability in the industry, it operates at an exceptional 75 parts per million (ppm). Offering flexibility in clinch angles, the machine allows programmable adjustments ranging from 25° to 75° from the vertical axis. Whether opting for manual load or automatic PCB load/unload, the Radial 5 provides versatile options to accommodate different production needs.

The operator-friendly interface ensures a simple and intuitive user environment, streamlining the manufacturing process. Additionally, the machine supports component spans ranging from 5 to 33mm, contributing to its adaptability in various assembly applications.