Woman at computer writing scrip for software

Development Philosophy

Hardware Seen Through the Lens of Software

By understanding what it takes to optimize the processing and functions required of the hardware and software, we can create each piece that runs smoothly and economically.

Our team, equipped with robust techniques and a comprehensive protocol stack, is adept at developing solutions from scratch. We have the expertise to handle any challenge you present us with.


Programming Languages & Standards

Developing within various standards, protocol stacks, and networks requires a team with versatile experience and talent.  Our firmware is written in C programming with supporting software scripted in Python.  We can develop for:

STANDARDS:    J1939  |  NEMA 2000  |  CAN OPEN  |  CAN BUS  |  RVC  | RS232  |  RS485  |  Ethernet  |  HTML  | Modem

Microprocessor-based controls from 8-bit up to 32-bit

The Future of processing and controls with RTOS (Real-Time Operating Systems), IOT (Internet of Things), and Multiplexing is at Poly Electronics.


Developer in front of computer creating design
Controls in box at industrial facility

Versatile Experience in Software Sequenced and Controlled Applications

  • A to D and D to A conversion
  • Alarm circuitry
  • Blue Tooth
  • C Programming
  • Capacitive and Resistive Touch
  • Count
  • Current
  • Flow
  • Function specific controllers
  • Humidity
  • Level switching
  • Liquid Levels
  • Luminosity
  • Phase
  • PositionPower switching with phase control
  • Pressure
  • Process
  • Proximity
  • Remote monitoring communication
  • Resistance
  • Sequencing
  • Single and three phase soft starts
  • Solid state power and logic level switching
  • Speed
  • Speed of fractional HP DC motors
  • Temperature
  • Three phase and single phase voltage, current, and phase monitors
  • Time
  • Voltage
  • Weight
  • Wireless Technology


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