Archived Brochure from 1990

Delivering Integrated Solutions Since 1973

Poly Electronics, then known as Polytron, had humble beginnings over 50 years ago in Elkhart, Indiana. The company kept pace with technology and earned a reputation for quality and excellence in engineering. In turn, it fostered a loyal customer base by delivering innovative electronic controls on time and on budget.

Growth and Foundation

The company grew in the late 1980s and early 1990s with a rise in electronic controls in everything from dishwashers to agricultural innovations.  It moved from its downtown Elkhart location to its current location on Wyland Drive in the industrious Elkhart East business community.

Retro photo of exterior image 35 years ago
Poly Electronics Group Photo

The Next Generation

In 2016, Polytron was reimagined and began its quest with a new vision and a new generation of entrepreneurs.  Under the new ownership, Poly Electronics was rebranded Poly Electronics. The company grew in scope and ambition as capital investments boosted its capabilities and global manufacturing standards and practices were implemented.