Ensuring a Functional Product

FCT or Functional Circuit Testing is a critical step in the manufacturing process of electronic components to ensure full and expected operation before the product is sent out and integrated into your product. With an experienced and dedicated team of engineers, Poly Electronics offers comprehensive functional testing, including checks for connectivity, component integrity, and signal integrity, to safeguard product reliability, quality and ultimately, customer satisfaction and confidence.  

Procedure and Equipment

Creating a formula for 99.5% delivered functionality doesn’t happen overnight, it comes from years of developing the equipment and procedure to ensure proper sequencing, signal measurement and observation techniques to collect and record data to ensure a product you can have full confidence in your critical components. 


Compliance and Traceability

Depending on the application and market, electronic products may need to comply with regulatory requirements such as CE marking (European Conformity), FCC regulations (Federal Communications Commission), or RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) directives. 

Compliance also involves maintaining comprehensive documentation and traceability of the testing process. This includes recording test procedures, results, calibration records of testing equipment, and any deviations or corrective actions taken during testing.

Fault Detection & Board Rework

Fault detection and rework are crucial components of Functional Circuit Testing (FCT) to ensure electronic product quality and reliability. FCT employs both automated and manual methods to detect faults, including automated testing systems and visual inspections.

Upon detecting a fault, thorough diagnosis is conducted to identify its root cause, followed by corrective actions such as component replacement or solder joint rework.