Fields in front of sunset showing irrigation and planned planting

Agricultural Industry

Our products are made tough to withstand the harsh environments of modern farming equipment. These electronic boards enable precision farming technologies, task automation, data collection, and monitoring levels to enhance efficiency, productivity, and yield.

Commercial Kitchen automated with electronic controls

HVACR Industry

Controls are essential components in the crucial operation of the Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration (HVACR) industry. Our products enable the automation and optimization of heating, cooling, and refrigeration processes, ensuring precise temperature control, energy efficiency, and smart functionality.

Man driving boat with GPS and Depth displays controlled by electronics

Marine & Watercraft

PCBs are integral to safe navigation and are the backbone of electronic systems on ships, boats, and other waterborne vessels.  GPS systems, communication equipment, engine control systems, and various maritime instrumentation are just a few mission-critical components at sea that use electronics.

Man loading boxes into cargo van

Transit/Work/Cargo Vehicle

Our solutions facilitate the integration and control of various systems in all kinds of vehicles and lend to the automation of multiple functions, including engine control, navigation, communication, and safety systems. This enhances the efficiency, reliability, and overall performance of transit, last-mile delivery, and many of the nation’s work vehicles on the road today.

RV at campground

Recreational Vehicle Industry

Located in Elkhart, Indiana, the capital of RV Manufacturing, we are accustomed to developing products that aim to provide a more comfortable and technologically advanced experience for travelers on the road. We create solutions for control panels, lighting systems, HVAC units, entertainment systems, monitoring devices, and chassis integration within RVs.

Hard hats and blueprints at construction site

Industrial & Construction

We create components essential for regulating and controlling machinery and equipment, ensuring efficient and safe operation. Electronic controls can be used to monitor and adjust temperature, pressure, speed, and other variables in manufacturing processes and various aspects of building infrastructure, such as temperature control, energy conservation, and security monitoring.

Various components of CHVAC system controled by electronics designed by Poly Electronics

Commercial Appliance

Electronic controls are used to regulate temperature, monitor energy consumption, control timing and sequencing of operations, provide user interfaces for setting parameters and receiving feedback, and enable communication between different components of the appliance.

Pristine Landscaping

Lawn & Garden

Electronic controls enhance efficiency, automate tasks, and contribute to the overall health and maintenance of lawns and gardens, from controlling irrigation systems to automated lawnmowers, lighting systems, and weather monitoring stations.

Man at elaborate computer gaming system


Gaming has driven a whole new sector of experience in augmented and immersive experiences. At Poly Electronics, creating components and peripheral controls for input, as well as LED lighting, is par for the course.

Woman standing at sanitation/clean water facility.


Used in the sanitation sector to automate waste management processes, control water usage, monitor water quality, enable touchless hand hygiene systems, and facilitate remote monitoring and data collection. Electronic controls enhance efficiency, hygiene, and safety in sanitation operations.

Illustration of Global Technology

Open to a World of Possibility (IoT)

Electronics are integral to the functionality and operation of IoT devices, enabling them to sense, process, communicate, and act upon data. By connecting the physical world to the digital realm Poly Electronics is an integral partner in opening up the future and a world of possibilities.